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Industries We Cater

Solutions tailored-made for your industry, your pain points

We understand that every business has its distinct needs that require special solutions. After all, your business is unique. Your payment and merchant solutions should be too. CCI offers industry-specific solutions that understand the core of your business without missing a beat. Here are the business industries we cater to from the spectrum. ​

Mail-Order/Telephone Order (MO/TO)

Establish that personal touch to enhance the customer experience even when your process orders through phone or mail. While this method imposes a challenge, we will provide you with tools and solutions to build your rapport and customer relations.

Retail Business

Exceptional customer experience drives sales and brand advocacy. This is why your in-store or online payment method should be a delightful experience to solidify customer trust and relationships. To back you up with these needs, CCI provides all-inclusive POS systems and tools to help you run your operations smoothly.

Non-Profit Organization

When running non-profit programs that involve automation in phone systems or payment utilities, you need a prompt service that is both reliable and fast. CCI helps you securely and efficiently collect various payments for your non-profit sector events like fundraising or membership events. With the help of our E-donate solution, your donation program doesn’t have to go through questionable and confusing measures. Rest assured your funds are tightly secured and would make a difference! Face-to-face or online, either way, our solutions will allow you to accept turnovers, donations, or payments the best way possible.


Automate payments and settlements on time on your educational institution with CCI's digitalized and personalized payment processing solutions. Whether it's an online school or an in-person campuses, our proactive approach enables us to track and manage payments in a flexible and simplified manner. Herewith, students, faculty, and staff can securely settle payment commitments anytime, anywhere -- hassle-free.

Professional Services

Discover innovative solutions that allow your clients to settle their payments using a payment method of choice. CCI allows you to complete online payment through your mobile device, EMV card reader, or through a virtual terminal. Our all-in-one payment and merchant solution supports transactions that simplify reporting and implementation.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Accepting monetary transactions can be costly if you don't have the appropriate and dynamic solutions at hand. Don't fall for the mistake of investing in multiple third-party that charge even the slightest bare minimum. CCI has worked with numerous B2B businesses to provide cost-efficient and contemporary merchant payment solutions that bring their business to places! If you are looking for high-end terminals, flexible payment gateway, and POS integrations to manage your accounts and overall payment system, we are ready to roll with you.


In today's diner and foodservice's fast-pacing operations, it is easy to get tangled and lose track of operations. This is why CCI takes the headaches off the process by incorporating an optimized payment experience with a restaurant POS system that offers systematic, secured, and user-friendly solutions on the get-go. Plus, our technology for transaction security and payment gateways are off the charts, giving you peace of mind on the hustle and bustle.

Hotels & Lodging

Integrating the right payment solution for your hotels and lodging business can make a difference beyond excellent accommodation. With our custom payment technology and POS integrations, meeting the ever-growing demands of your business is never unviable. With 27 years of experience in the game, we understand the unique processing needs to maximize the premium experience with your guests.


Fuel your petroleum business with the ideal payment solutions designed to enhance POS capabilities and customers' shopping experience! Whether you are a startup business or expanding to greater heights, CCI can pump up your operation and meet your specific needs with our wide range of options.


Innovative credit card processing tools, coupled with high-end terminals and POS systems, shape the supermarket industry. In a day-to-day operation with tons of moving parts, you need the right solutions to keep your operations run smoothly. We've been the favored partners of premiere groceries and supermarkets for our specialized system, designed to handle the industry's unique demands.

Essential Business Services

Convenience stores, Pharmacies, and other essential businesses face a unique set of challenges, especially during a pandemic. From high demand for a certain variety of products to strange peak hours, managing the operation can be frustrating and confers specific problems. This is why CCI provides robust and efficient solutions that account for all the difficulties business owners face. Our POS system is user-friendly and intuitive, which provides new dimensions of knowledge, letting you know how sales are occurring and putting the power back in your hands.

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We love to hear from you. If you are looking to set up a merchant account or install a payment technology, please contact us through the form below! Our business number—646-662-5454—is also available if you want to phone us. Our in-house support team is available to answer any of your questions at a time that works best for you!