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Leadership That Works!

Mendy is the Founder and Sales Director of the financial service company CityCard International Services(CCI). He is also the CEO Founder of Mendy Realty Inc. and Dynamik Energy. Extending his credibility and passion for serving people, Mendy functions as a board member and philanthropist of The Camp Fund. 

To put it simply, Mendy is a business tycoon who wears multiple hats to cater to his corporate endeavors. He is a prodigy in the art of business execution which makes him known for his exceptional work ethic and character. In everything he does, Mendy provides significant effort, showing his decades-long of expertise and precision. 

Guided by his vision, values, and principles, Mendy is committed to his corporate craft, which leaves nothing but praises from those who have worked with him. In the words of his esteemed partners, a handshake is good enough, and Mendy will do the rest.

Part of his corporate legacy is that he has co-branded offers with Bank of America and has participated in getting properties sold and redeveloped into commercial and residential. 

Mendy and his Chemistry with CCI

Passionate in the ever-growing merchant service industry, Mendy founded CityCard International Services (CCI) as a humble effort to equip small businesses with merchant and payment solutions to elevate their market value. Before fully commercializing what he called the CCI technology program, he leveraged his existing businesses as a model to test out and cultivate fool-proof and industry-standard merchant service solutions. 

After he had witnessed some corporate entities and organizations falling short in their payment systems, Mendy acknowledges the frustration of losing a sale because of inefficient payment methods. This is how CityCard International Services (CCI) comes into the picture to help set up startups’ credit card operations quickly and efficiently.

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We love to hear from you. If you are looking to set up a merchant account or install a payment technology, please contact us through the form below! Our business number—646-662-5454—is also available if you want to phone us. Our in-house support team is available to answer any of your questions at a time that works best for you!