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About Us.

Why CityCard International Services

No Application Fee

In CCI, the application is FREE right off the bat. You will only pay for the actual preferred service with transparent and competitive pricing. Let’s get straight with your need and challenges; your application fee is on us!

FREE Consultations

We provide comprehensive insights on what’s best for your needs and challenges before taking the next step, so you’ll have knowledge of what you could expect. We are excited to get you in the know.

Diverse Technology Options for Your Business

From setting up your payment gateways, configuring credit and debit cards payment processing, to establishing security and fraud protection for your in-store or online business, you can always consult your representative!

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on our economical payment merchant solutions that compete with industry-standard in the market. Schedule a FREE consultation call with us here, and we’ll help you with all your payment merchant needs!

Personal Merchant Support

Our personal merchant support doesn’t limit to technical troubleshooting and obscure instructions. We go the extra mile to support and assist you in setting up a merchant account, guiding you with documentation, and training for your merchant workarounds. We will stick with you until you succeed.

Secured Payment Gateways 

Our dynamic payment gateway options come from a highly secured and compliant condition to guarantee confidence and integrity for your business protecting fraud and data breach issues getting in your business growth.

Special PCI Compliance Assistance

CityCard International Services (CCI) keeps your business, and customers’ data safeguarded 24/7. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance will protect any cardholder data — thus your business. While this appears to be a grueling process to comply with, we have simplified the process for you to move forward quickly.

Registered with Visa & Mastercard as Direct ISO

CityCard International Services (CCI) provides services compliant under lawful authorization. We have registered with Visa & Mastercard as a direct ISO to enrich our credibility and provide seamless client partnerships consulting merchants with legal disputes.

27 Years of Illustrious Experience

We’ve witnessed and practiced how payment systems have evolved from cash to electronic methods, the innovation and challenges we faced in-between, and how we stand the test of time. CityCard International Services (CCI) has 27 years of industry experience providing exceptional support to small business owners.

Let's Connect!

We love to hear from you. If you are looking to set up a merchant account or install a payment technology, please contact us through the form below! Our business number—646-662-5454—is also available if you want to phone us. Our in-house support team is available to answer any of your questions at a time that works best for you!