CityCard International Service

Services We Offer

Credit and Debit Cards
Processing Services

Digital payment through credit cards or debit cards is a mainstream method preferred by users around the globe. Don’t make the mistake of failing to integrate this into your business! As your partner, CCI can assist you in simplifying cards payments acceptance whenever or wherever your business is.

Payment Gateway

What do you consider in setting up for payment gateway to make your customers feel safe and secure? For competitive business owners, it is diverse options, secured transactions, fast transaction processing, set-up recurring payments, and availability 24/7. Whatever is your payment gateway of choice, CCI will make integration and authorization ready to go for a wide array of payment software, hardware, and e-commerce platforms.

High-end Terminals (Wired and Wireless)

Your face-to-face transactions are made easy and secure with our dynamic options for wired and wireless terminals. Our high-end terminals are a perfect low-cost solution for any small business owner to start accepting credit cards. Our devices are programmed to support relevant payment options, including credit, debit, and digital wallets like PayPal, Cash App, Google Wallet, and many more.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Your POS system is integral to your business operations. Our CCI Point-of-sale systems are developed to be versatile and sleek in executing a myriad of tasks, including invoicing, tracking inventory, analyzing sales data, or implementing customer-centric programs. This cost-effective POS technology allows you to juggle and save at the same time. Streamline your day-to-day operation with our POS solution!

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Convert your casual customers into loyal brand advocates through CCI gift and loyalty programs! It is no secret that smart business owners incorporate customer-centric programs in order to retain consumers and grow. This is why many startups have become established brands by boosting sales through gift and loyalty programs. Put your brand into the spotlight using our unique gift and loyalty card tools for your marketing strategy.

PCI Compliance & Security and Fraud Protection

Inevitable security threats require innovative and sterm strategies. CCI provides tech-forward tools to prevent, detect, and resolve fraud on your system. As a business owner, compromising your merchant security is a nightmare, and integrity for business is everything. Secure your business operation and increase customer retention by installing relentless security and fraud protection that protects your business and consumers’ interest.

Cash Discount Program

Many businesses from diverse industries prefer to operate with cash discount programs because of its apparent benefits. Some benefits of the cash discount program include eliminating credit card processing fees, keeping your profit margins constant, giving merchants more options, and simplifying the payment process. CCI offers incentivizing cash discount programs that are a win-win for your business and consumers.

Phonepay (Automated Phone Payments Systems)

Collect and accept phone payments in a systematic fashion with our automated phone payment systems. Our range of personal-assisted, Phonepay technology is suited to businesses of various industries. With a simple and customizable set-up, it only takes a few minutes to complete payments transactions. Accepting payments over the phone is also an ideal alternative for customers safeguarding their personal information online as this is an offline transaction.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

Here’s an opportunity to get funds faster, inexpensive, and reliable way using ACH Payments! With funds crediting to your account the next day, ACH saves you time and money while streamlining your daily hustle. If your business is taking recurring payments, ACH Payments are worth considering!